Monday, January 16, 2012

Another year and it's filled with SNOW (well, right now it is...)

I"m still here!

I've been off playing around on Etsy and Pinterest, collecting wish lists and recipes and flitting about. But I'm back, and as tuned into healthfulness as ever. The holidays were good to me; I only ate a wee bit of sugar (damn my friend's homemade peppermint bark - it was killer good!)

So my 2011 New Years resolutions were to find the beauty that goes with aging and continue to embrace a healthy lifestyle. I think I managed to do both, and I'm carrying them over to 2012! I'll try to add more activity, since that's my biggest challenge, and cut down a bit on the animal fats, since I've been pretty lax this winter, but overall, all is good.

My favorite food blog right now is I Breathe, I'm Hungry - which has supplied me with a bunch of "To Try" recipes of late. Tonight I tried her Caramelized Brussels Sprouts & Chorizo and it was wonderful!!

Here's what her's looked like. Mine looked almost as good, but I suck at food photography!

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