My Rules

So I do have dietary rules. These are things I've chosen for myself to live a healthier life. I also have rules to live by the rules.

My basic rules:
1. No white sugar. Minimal honey.
2. No white flour.
3. No white rice.
4. No potatoes.
5. As little processed foods as possible
6. Focus on foods that my body has to work to process. Whole foods. Foods close to the source. Plant-based foods.

Rules to make my rules livable:
1. If I want to taste something, I'll take one small bite without guilt.
2. Once every month or two I can eat WonTon Mi (Pho) without guilt.
3. Once every month or two I can eat Thai food without guilt.
4. I will not go nuts to avoid small amounts of things I've chosen not to eat. My low-calorie, high-fiber, whole-wheat sandwich thins have some sugar in them. I eat them anyway. I'm okay with that.

Rules to make my rules livable to other people:
1. I have chosen this for myself. I will not resent others for eating things that I've chosen not to eat.
2. I will live vicariously though the eating habits of my family and friends, so I don't have to go there.